We are very proud to announce to y’all that we have teamed up with Frio Ice Chests and we are part of their Pro Staff team! Their products are far superior to their competitors and you will notice that simply by looking at them! We have used their coolers for the past several years and we are very excited to be affiliated with this great company. They offer the highest quality in ice chest and tumblers and they have some other amazing products as well. We will be featuring various products of theirs and also product reviews just to show each of you their superb quality. We will be including Frio products on each of our hunting trips like always, but now y’all will get to see exactly how we use them. We also plan on doing a few giveaways where y’all can have some of their products for yourself. Make sure you follow us on our Facebook and Instagram accounts to be eligible to win. For now, go check out Frio’s website and make an order or two. Let them know we sent ya!


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