We haven’t kept up very well with what all we have been working on, but we would like to tell y’all that we have a whole lot of new stuff going on! We have added several new sponsors, and they are the best around for sure! We have added FR Distilling, who just happens to make our favorite blend of whiskey! TX Whiskey is the smoothest whiskey you can find, and it’s made right here in TEXAS! Another new sponsor we have is Deny Locks. They have revolutionized the way we protect our Frio Ice Chests. Their locking mechanism is top of the line, and dang near impossible to break. Lone Star Beer has also jumped on board with what we are doing and we are happy to call them our friends! Our coolers are always stocked with Lone Star whether we are out at the ranch or sitting on the back porch. Our final sponsor we would like to announce is Hook and Stag. Their camo fits our terrain perfectly and and keeps us hidden when hunting outside the bronco. We are very excited to have all of the support we have and we hope each of y’all take the time to look them up and purchase some of their fantastic products!

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