Well, deer season is upon us and we couldn’t be more excited! We have several trips set up throughout the season, and the first one was one for the books! Since we are major music junkies, it was pretty exciting to find out Charlie Robison was coming to hunt with us. Tagging along with Charlie was his son Gus. You can see the picture of Gus and I. I’m a slightly smaller than average adult, Gus is on the complete other end of the spectrum there. He’s a slightly bigger than average adult, who is only 15. We headed out Saturday morning looking for an Aoudad or a nice Ram, but had to search a 7,800 acre pasture to find them. We busted up the brush all day without any luck unfortunately. We did get our eyes on a nice cull buck, but after a brief stalking trip across a canyon, he got away from us. We traveled down some trials I had never been down, and got to show Gus some terrain he has never seen before. All in all it was a great time with some great people that we can now call our friends.


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