Whitetail Deer Hunts

We have a couple different ways to hunt white tail. Bow hunts from a ground blind, rifle hunts from a stand or the guest favorite the bronco hunts. Though nothing is guaranteed while hunting white tail, we have found we have the most success driving around in a Bronco for an all-day hunt. While riding in the Bronco we can get as western as you want. We can stay on our main roads for a smoother ride or we can go through the brush and see what jumps out of the deep west Texas canyons.

Predator Hunts

Our predator and varmint hunts are something special. We load up in our top drive bronco and turn on the lights. Our broncos are equipped with LED light bars to make seeing in the pitch black super easy. We will take off from camp and go on driving through the west Texas brush too see what we can find. You have to keep your head on a swivel for this fast paced hunting experience. Fox, bobcats, hogs, rabbits, raccoons, porcupine, snakes, and even mountain lions won’t stay still for long so you have to be ready if your going to get a shot off.

Dove Hunts

Our dove hunts consist of a morning and evening hunts. We also use the best decoys around, the Mojo voodoo dove. These bad boys help pull in the dove from all around. The three types of dove we hunt for are the morning dove, ring neck dove, and the white wing dove. We obviously can’t guarantee that you will shoot your limit, but we can guarantee it will be a hunting experience that you will never forget.

Quail Hunts

Our quail hunts seem to be the guest favorite, there is just something about the fast pasted hunting that always seems to be a blast. We load up in our top drive bronco and go find the covey of quail and run them down while our hunters unload on the birds for an adrenaline packed hunt.

How Our Hunt Differs From Others

This here is a 1989 Ford Bronco with a fuel injected 302 under the hood. We chopped the cab off and had a fully custom top drive rack built for it. That’s right, we drive from the top of it! It has 4 bucket seats up top for a driver and 3 hunters. Each hunter has a water proof box in front of their seat to hold their belongings and other gear required for the hunt. Each seat also has 2 gun racks easily accessible to the hunters which make it nice when switching from deer hunting to varmint/predator hunting. The bronco is equipped with a large water tank which aids in the cleaning of animals harvested in the field. The top drive also has 2 ice chest racks to hold drinks and whatever else that may be needed while hunting. Since most days we like to hunt from sun up to sun down the bronco is wrapped in LED light bars. There’s a 50″ curved bar on the front and each of the sides have a 50″ LED bar as well. These lights make it nice when hunting for varmints and predators at night since you have a full 360* of visibility. The bronco is also equipped with a top of the line water proof stereo to keep everyone awake and having a good time on board.

Hunts September 15, 2017