With great causes comes great opportunities for people to get plugged in and to participate by lending a helping hand and valuable financial support to the cause of supporting our veterans and first responders. If you or your business align with our mission to serve those who have valiantly served our nation and local communities and would like to partner with us please email us and lets work together to show our support to those who deserve it the most!

Mathews Inc.

When hunting you always want top notch products and gear, and Mathews is exactly that! We cherish each shot we get to take, and we trust in Mathews for each time we let the arrow fly. Our Halon 6’s are completely decked out and we are always happy with the outcome when we take our bow out into the field.

Vortex Optics

Having Vortex Optics on our team is huge! Not only are they our favorite optic for the field, but they are also one of the top optics on the market. It’s often said “your gun will only¬†perform as well as your optic allows it to.” That statement is 100% true, so when our guns don’t perform like they “should” there is a high chance tat it was a user error, and not an equipment error.

OnX Hunt

Have you ever been lost in the woods? How about on a 36,000 acre ranch in west Texas, where everything looks the same? I have, many times, but it’s a thing of the past since we have teamed up with OnX Hunt! From the online interface on your computer to your phone app, OnX is very user friendly and transfers from device to device with ease. We only trust OnX with our location while in the field.

Havalon Knives

Through the years we have field dressed and butchered countless deer. We’ve field tested fixed braked knives and replaceable blade knives, but none have outperformed the Havalon Piranta- Edge. They are light as a feather and the variety of blade options make it the perfect knife for any situation. We recommend them over any knife you find in the store, and we are happy to call them a sponsor.


GoWild has changed the game for hunters, fishermen, and outdoors-men in general when it comes to social media. Their app allows you to log the animals you harvest and it generates a unique score for each one based on several factors from the hunt. Users can log hunts, fishing trips, conservation events you partake in, and even recipes! You can search for new recipe ideas or help a new hunter by answering some of their questions they posted. Download their app now, and then search for us (Cody Gill and Matt Gill) and give us a follow on our individual accounts.